• One minute after taking this image (which was about 30 seconds after arriving) the horizon disappeared, and it started raining. Significantly enough to cause us to get back in the car. Going to try again this weekend, even though it’ll be much colder.

  • Happy to see activity around the 25th anniversary around Moon Safari. Hopefully at some point the same will happen to their earlier EP, Premiers Symptomes, and that the Mike Mills video for Le Soleil est Pres De Moi, gets an upscale.

  • Adapter spaghetti so I can listen to the new Julia Holter album (so good!) through the DAC on my desk.

  • Thinking about this film, since seeing it yesterday, and likely will be for a while yet. A second viewing is in the near future, too.

  • Before watching the newest Criterion Closet video, I should always check to make sure I’ve got at least 30min, because it’s always a rabbit hole.

  • An insightful look at what’s to come

  • Now on to the Twin Peaks soundtrack 33 1/3 entry. These books are super comfort food right now.

  • Day off. Reading Geeta Dayal’s book on, Another Green World, in the 33 1/3 series.

  • Installed the nightly of Ubuntu 24.04, Noble Numbat, on a spare machine. It’s been a long time since I’ve ran a nightly anywhere. Looking forward to kicking the tires.

  • A quiet afternoon at the water. Taking advantage of +6C today.

    Sidebag with recorder in it. Headphones, and microphone in a fuzzy zepplin on top. Sitting on the small wet rocks, on the shore.
    Image of the coast. Blue sky, and cliff face, on the left of the image, with ends in the center.